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4koma in Black 4/7: Working Out Session

4koma in Black 4/7: Working Out Session published on 9 Comments on 4koma in Black 4/7: Working Out Session

Delphinium: Your condition must be awfully convenient, darling. No fear of blowing your cover, no danger of being recognized . . .

WiB: It has some perks.

Delphinium: Do you ever forget to turn it off when you go home? Confuse your housemates . . . scare the cat?

WiB: Oh, it doesn’t have an off switch.

Other than the person I take orders from, I’m unmemorable to everyone. Always.

Delphinium: Everyone? Even . . . do you have a family?

WiB: They’re not in this country, but yeah, I have family. And right now they wouldn’t know me if they saw me.

Delphinium: Oh my dear, I imagine that’s rather stressful.

WiB: Yeah . . . I find ways to work it out.

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*Feeling feels*


…Does her power work through crystal phone calls or crystal email*?

* Is crystal email cmail?

It works over voice chat and video chat. Any photo taken of her will come out blurry.

Text messages, c-mail, and handwritten messages have a little more staying power — if she wrote something like “tickets for Leachtric go on sale next week,” you’d remember it — but any specific identifying information about herself would still fall right out of people’s minds.

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