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A Bridge Too Far 12/41

A Bridge Too Far 12/41 published on 8 Comments on A Bridge Too Far 12/41

Thorn: A lot of military mounts retire here, at the Crown Hill stables. Including Caoimhe. She was my partner on the dragon mission.

MThorn: Mmhmm?

I just have Tiernan. None of the teammates in my world have a . . . unicorn!!

Ahhh, you’re so beautiful! And so majestic!

How many power-ups do I have to get before I meet a unicorn??

. . . or TWO unicorns!?

Thorn: Your foal got so big and strong!

Caoimhe (thinking): Thanks, so did . . . yours?

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I really don’t think Russet can learn much about physics with their current tactics.

Yeah, I’m like “Russet! More with the making science, less with the creepy stalker bit.”

Nonsense, Russet has now learned that unicorns are rarer in the other world! And that encountering one would be dependent on Magical Kid powerups. That’s very different from how magic works in this world and therefore insightful.

This doesn’t necessarily say that unicorns are rarer. They’re just not common domesticated animals.

– They could be very common in another part of the world.
– They could be very common after a certain number of powerups, just more than anyone in Magical Thorn’s team.
– They could be very commonly associated with a clandestine group that Magical Thorn hasn’t really encountered much yet.
– They could be very common in a slightly different layer of reality that’s still close enough to be considered part of his world.

There could be other possibilities I haven’t thought of. But it *does* at least suggest that they may not be so common.

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