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A Bridge Too Far 14/41

A Bridge Too Far 14/41 published on 15 Comments on A Bridge Too Far 14/41

Leif: What! Who planted a rose tree this close to the stream?

Kale: . . . That’s a rose tree? It’s not blooming.

Leif: And no wonder! There’s too much water in the soil. It probably has root rot!

Kale: Leif — we’re not at the Embassy, remember? You don’t have to monitor the gardening!

Leif: . . . I know. I just . . . Actually like this part of my job?

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I wanted to say “Go figure, the gardener likes gardening.” But I couldn’t find a non sarcastic way to do it. And it really is nice to see Leif express interest in something that isn’t his job/Thorn related.

I’m pretty sure there’s a term for this, where a professional who lives their work struggles to switch off when it’s time to relax like a doctor being critical of a medical drama series.

In my experience it’s especially common with neuro diverse people, makes me wonder if leif is such. It would explain why he’s so good at mental shields and can handle the rigid schedules his life is.

“I’m pretty sure there’s a term for this”

I’d categorize it under ‘professional standards’. You see something that isn’t done right, and therefore must comment or correct it (e.g. a shelving clerk straightening up another store’s aisles) or you’re on a groove and it’s hard to break out of it (Receptionist answering their home phone with “Thank you for calling [Business Name] at [Business Address], how may I direct your call?”)

Reminds me of how, even though I stopped being a trolley boy over 3 years ago, I can’t walk past a messy trolley bay without tidying it up

…I have no idea what this job is. A trolley? Like the train-car looking thing that takes you through certain cities?

No, like the things you put your shopping in when you go to the shops. You might call it a shopping cart

I have a couple friends who were on Shopping Cart Retrieval duty (the job doesn’t have as streamlined a name here in the U.S.) and they can confirm that, whether or not they liked the job, they still can’t walk past messy shopping cart stalls without organizing them. Or pulling in stray shopping carts from the parking lot, because “just think of the poor guy who has to fetch it”.

I’ve never even been a professional shopping cart wrangler, and I still have to stop myself from helpfully tidying things up. It’s just– it needs to be tidy! So other people have it easier! (See also me and it feeling Wrong to just. leave library books out. Thank goodness for the book carts so I can file them away neatly And give the librarians good info on what books have been handled.)

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