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A Bridge Too Far 30/41

A Bridge Too Far 30/41 published on 4 Comments on A Bridge Too Far 30/41

Thorn: Tried to bring Leif to this Aquarium on a . . . well, we weren’t calling it a “date” then, but it was going that way.

Got interrupted by a magic emergency. I found out later that Holly was there . . . Your version of her probably isn’t born yet.

MThorn: Holly Cerise? Magical Holly?

Thorn: Wait, seriously?

MThorn: I mean, she and Ivy are little, we don’t call them to monster fights . . . But sometimes the fights come to them.

Are they adults in this world too?!

Thorn: I never worked with an Ivy! But Holly must be about your age by now.

MThorn: Whoa. My versions are only in first grade.

Thorn: . . . Okay, that’s at least better than what I was afraid of.

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