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Leif, probably: I cannot allow myself to think that the system might produce unjust outcomes. If I think about that I am going to start screaming and I don’t know when I’d stop.

The picture you paint is terrifyingly plausible.

Though… is that truly the foundation he has built his edifice of compartmentalisation on? It feels sturdier than that… though “Sonheim’s system is just and fair” does feel pretty foundational. And it sure looks like something’s giving way.

I was under the impression that Sønheim is the greatest country ever, the greatest country that ever could be was the foundation, and the idea that their blame system is just and fair is built on top of that, because how could the greatest country that ever could be have an unfair blame system?

To be clear, I’m not disagreeing about it looking like the whole thing is going to break, as it’s been under building stress throughout the run of the entire comic and it feels like it’s at the breaking point.

Even if his parents were 100% guilty, the fact that the system isn’t always just is something Leif needs to understand. Also people can be guilty and not deserve as harsh a sentence as they got. I am a little concerned about what is going to happen to Leif’s mental health if he begins thinking about these things though…

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