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A Night To Remember 1/33

A Night To Remember 1/33 published on 6 Comments on A Night To Remember 1/33

Storyline warnings:


Woman in Black (thinking): I hate Central summer storms . . .

Kid: Mama, look! That person’s walking over the top of the puddle!

Parent: Not now, honey.

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So is that Cybele or Bennett’s actual daughter?

I think she’s just a Rando Kiddo. Cybelle’s Universe Mirror is either Violet’s sister, or is old enough to be on the Glee team Larch coaches, IIRC.

As for L&T!Bennet’s Biological child, I doubt it. BICP!Cybelle chose her shape because there was a hole in Bennet’s heart that shape, but went ‘black’ because that distanced it far enough from ‘I Am Literally The Child You Never Knew’ to not hurt him.

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