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A Night To Remember 10/33

A Night To Remember 10/33 published on 13 Comments on A Night To Remember 10/33

Kale: A-as far as I know, it’s nothing to do with me. There was a time when I was monitored 26/7 — but I was supposed to be past that. I check in with a caseworker and a therapist. Neither of them is a magic memory-sink.

Thorn: I can’t think of any reason why an agent would be tailing me, either. So it’s possible they were at the opera for . . . literally anything else that went down. It was a long day.

Of course, if they are tailing one of us, they could be lurking in my kitchen right now.

Kale: . . . Do you want to go check?

Thorn: Waste of time when I’d forget anything I saw. I just want any potential listeners to keep in mind that this is very rude.

Across town.

Woman in Black: You ever feel like someone, somewhere, is yelling at you?

Cat: Prr?

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Their planet’s days are 26 hours long.

I figured that was the implication, I was just surprised. Has that been brought up before?

If it has been brought up before, it was in a large infodump about the star system, and I didn’t notice it. Assuming their hours are as long as ours, that’s one more reason for me to want to emigrate to Ceannis.

Quite the opposite. As far as I can recall, it’s always been just subtly mentioned. Borrowing Limits 17 of 33 and Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 5 of 6 both mention “26/7”, and Del uses a 26-hour clock to refer to directionality the same way one would use the phrase “On your six” to mean “directly behind you” with a 12-hour clock in The Show Must Grow On: Overture 9 of 21.

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