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A Night To Remember 13/33

A Night To Remember 13/33 published on 6 Comments on A Night To Remember 13/33

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Acai: Lea had a lot of resistance. Not at first, but she picked it up over the years.

WiB: You mean Leachtric? Hey, could there have been a character like me in that opera?

Acai: No.

The whole point of this power is that you can’t make it into the records. That lets you shape the timeline in precise ways, with minimal unintended side effects.

WiB: Yeah, future-you gave me the whole pitch when you spelled me. But was there a Person in Black active during the events in the show? You should remember, right?

Acai: Oh, who knows? That was a lot of lifetimes ago.

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So would immunity to the WiB effect be inherited across reincarnations, the way we now know the WiB effect itself is?

Is it possible that a daughter of the Sonheic ambassador is a reincarnation of Leachtric, or are Ceannic and Sonheic magics too different? (I mean, I think we know Sonheic people can’t have heartswords?)

@Erin Ptah: Oh thank you so much for adding that! 😀 Now someone has to write another comment, so I know if it works for me. 😉 (I.e., I’m checking the box.)

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