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A Night To Remember 15/33

A Night To Remember 15/33 published on 9 Comments on A Night To Remember 15/33

Acai: To be honest . . . a few times, I did. It gets tiring to reincarnate this often.

Then Lea — I think when she was Xiphilina — told me I shouldn’t have to miss things on her account. That I could still find joy in other things in life, and should lean into that, instead of shutting it down. That it was okay to take it easy when I needed to.

I was at least a thousand years older than her by that round . . . And somehow, sometimes, she still manages to know me better than I know myself.

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I really have to admire her for being able to keep it up after so many times coming back without seeing her loved one. Still, I can get why she’s shut up right now. Minimal interaction with the world, probably has multiple Soul Bound cats to help her de-pressurize after so long.

So there’s no option to just call it a night then? No way for a long runner to tire of the endless cycle and return to that from which all have come? Blessed with continual life at the cost of death of those around?

I’d guess probably not. Same reason I would never take eternal life. Seeing your loved ones die all around you when you kept going would just suck.

I don’t believe I’m able to predict how would I deal with eternal life, but that’s exactly reason why to be careful with such offers … especially if they would come from someone who is grinning. So far, live seems short, but not having the ability to end it if it starts to feel long and tiring …

Of course, seems Acai didn’t take any offer. She just randomly happens to get the constant reincarnations …

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