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A Night To Remember 17/33

A Night To Remember 17/33 published on 3 Comments on A Night To Remember 17/33

Kale: You must’ve decided you didn’t like whatever I said. At that point I don’t remember it clearly. I just remember, and again, don’t make this weird, the . . .

. . . handholding . . .

— no, hang on, it was wrist holding! You got a finger on — you were taking my pulse!

Did you offer tea just to make it easier to see if my hands shook?

Thorn: Well, not just for that . . .

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I know Kale suspects Thorn of suspecting him (which I think we can all agree is not without merit), but there can be other inferences here. In the theatre he acted like a first responder, making sure of Kale’s vitals after pulling him out of a dangerous situation, and here he gave you tea to calm you down since he saw Kale pacing up and down outside his door.

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