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A Night To Remember 2/33

A Night To Remember 2/33 published on 11 Comments on A Night To Remember 2/33

Second Life Resource Center.


Blush Noisette: Hello there. Have you been registered here before, either under your current name or a previous one?

WiB: I just came to see Acai.

Blush Noisette: I’m sorry, Magus Acai is meeting with nobody today.

WiB: I’m “nobody”!

Blush Noisette: Now, don’t put yourself down like that! You’re somebody. You matter!

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Panel 4 was hilarious.
What’s her badge say? “My age is 50+”? Can’t tell if the lines after 50 are decorative

“50’s.” They don’t have individual buttons for each year, just a bucket for each decade.

Inspired by the pronoun buttons you can get at a lot of LGBTQ centers — for many of the people here, you can’t assume!

I just use they/them for everyone. Male, Female, Genderqueer, Transgender. It made my life easier, and they/them are my own preferred pronouns anyway.

I don’t understand why we feel the need to linguistically distinguish. It’s like having separate pronouns for people based off of their skin color. Ludicrous.

Is positive affirmation a part of the training, or is it just the way Blush is because of her experiences?

Either way, there’s no small hope on my part that Blush Noisette discovered that while VIOLET didn’t know her, and she’s not on Crystalpedia, she was is well-regarded in her field, if not as famous as Cybeline’s past life or Olive Romarin.

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