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A Night To Remember 21/33

A Night To Remember 21/33 published on 5 Comments on A Night To Remember 21/33

The most entertaining thing about this storyline has been the sheer number of comments where someone would say “what about X? what’s the deal with Y?” and I got to sit back and think “patience, grasshopper, the answer you seek is coming up in about 3 strips.”

Thorn: Just don’t ask me to cut your bracelets again in the future, okay? That’s the one thing I won’t do without getting your full history. Which I suspect I don’t have the security clearance to do anyway . . .

Especially if you’re under witness protection . . . and you know what, I’ll stop speculating now.

Kale: Oh, come on! After all this, why quit there? You’re only about one guess away from getting the whole thing! You might as well!

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