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A Night To Remember 22/33

A Night To Remember 22/33 published on 18 Comments on A Night To Remember 22/33

Peak eye-horror is coming up on Sunday, just so you know.

Kale: Power-blocked staff-wielding dark magical boy? Aibrean, northeastern accent, fake eyes?

I don’t have the normal fakes, either. Usually they have painted irises —

— but on me that only makes it more uncanny-valley how they don’t move.

They can’t. The nerves and muscles that would’ve handled it are gone. Well? Is that enough of a hint? Do you get it yet?

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I’m unsure whether I’d be more unnerved by someone with eyes that are obviously painted or look like fire-y crystals like that.

Even if they’re spellgems…
Eeeeeewww stop touching your eyeballs, Kale!

Note that he said “normally they have painted irises” as if that was only distinction. I suspect that yes, those are spellgems and therefore MUST be crystals, but with painted irises they USUALLY look closer to normal eyes. Regarding the red color, I HOPE there is another reason for that and it’s not how they look normally … maybe normally only the iris is red and these must be red completely to allow full vision angle?

My comment was ambiguous. the intended reading would be, “I know those are gems. I still want you to stop touching them.” I hadn’t considered Nova’s angle from further down the page “ …[Kale]’s trying to FORCE Thorn to be scared or repulsed “. He would very much be succeeding if I were in Thorn’s place. I am anxious on if Kale is going to get the calm, firm, subtle ‘just let it out bud, this is a safe space’… Or if he’s going to double down and, thinkingly or not, hit one of Thorn‘s triggers and end up floored.

Okay, I am quickly buying into the Kale is Kudzu theory. Have we discussed the significance of Kale’s last name? It’s the same as the President’s — are they related? Did she pull strings to get him into witness protection?

Whether or not Kale is Kudzu, Romarin is almost certainly not his ‘real’ surname and he probably isn’t any close relation for two reasons.

1: Kale claims Aibrean heritage in this strip, and I’m fairly certain Romarin is a Getsunese name, as Romarin is called a ‘little ancestor‘ by Blush Noisette Duval in The Perennials.
That said, he could be mixed Aibrean/Getsunese and his appearance more heavily favored his Aibrean half.

2: Kale is in witness protection one way or the other. They’d not let him keep his original surname.

The last name’s a fairly recent addition. I don’t remember it being there before this storyline. It’s never been mentioned in the strip as far as I’m aware.

And yes, Romarin is Getsunese, says in the strip before that one that she’s the first Getsunese president. ( BUT her previous name was also Olive Romarin. Could Kale be related to her previous life?

Just wild theories here. I think it more likely it’s just a fake name given to him under witness protection.

So does this mean his eyes are his transformation item (or whatever its called)

That look on Thorn’s face. He isn’t disturbed by the eyes. He’s concerned over Kale’s obvious distress, despite him doing everything he can NOT to freak him out. Kale isn’t used to people being this nice to him, especially people who have even an inkling of who he really is, and he’s trying to FORCE Thorn to be scared or repulsed, but all he can think is… “Who hurt this man?”

Thorn is best, purest character.

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