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A Night To Remember 24/33

A Night To Remember 24/33 published on 14 Comments on A Night To Remember 24/33

I’m doing a December talking meme, so if there’s anything you’ve always wanted to hear me expound on (directly related to Leif & Thorn or not), comment there with a date and a prompt! (If you’re not logged in, please sign your name to the comment.)

Tiernan: !!





[hff hff haah hhh]

Thorn: You do not lunge at a knight with PTSD.

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I’m loving the fact that Thorn didn’t put Kale/Kudzu down because of who he was/did in the past, but because of how he was acting in that moment (pstd or not). Makes me wonder how he would have reacted without the aggressiveness of the reveal.

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