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A Night To Remember 25/33

A Night To Remember 25/33 published on 13 Comments on A Night To Remember 25/33

Thorn: Kudzu. If even half of what I’ve heard is true — And it should be! You pled guilty!

But it’s not like you’re here as a fugitive. You have a government handler, a job, a therapist — this is official. How . . . ?

Kale: They said I can make up for what I did! No trial — no public spectacle — they quietly move me into rehab — I earn their trust . . . Then they put me to work. Doing things nobody else can do.

Thorn: You’re a Ceannic-Sønheic translator.

Kale: This is still in the trust-earning phase!

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So, any further questions on Kudzu being a mass murderer? No? Okay, SOoMH? WHAT THE HIGH HOLY FUCK ARE YOU IDIOTS ON!?

I mean, “mass murderer” is in the job description – take someone already permanently beyond ordinary moral standards, some proven capability, mix in a bit of desperation…

Hardly. I was waiting for Ceannis to disappoint, and they didn’t. You idiots want to use a killer like him as your solution to behind the fence matters? Fuck, you idiots trust him to remain stable at all? This is like the Feds asking Timothy McVeigh to become a consultant for IEDs.

I suspect Kale will be in the “trust-earning phase” forever.
This is a world with Dragons, Vampires, and possibly insane high-level mages (“magical girls”, whatever you wanna call ’em). If something comes along that is worse than Kudzu, it might be useful to have Kale around as a last resort…

So this is about Kale/Kudzu’s powers having practical applications? I thought that he may be being rehabilitated due to the murder/destruction being caused by some sort of mental health issue…until it was mentioned a few days ago that he used mental manipulation to cover up some of the deaths. That just screamed premeditation.

I’m more curious about the circumstances that caused him to go all murder-y. Like- Shit he killed all those people, but the government was literally willing to let the modern age’s most Scary Mage basically go free with conditions like that. Which means that either there’s a job they really want him to do (secret order of monster hunters, actual government star mage, who knows); OR there’s still more to the story, and Kalezu wasn’t as responsible as the media let everyone think.

“Canine soulbond. Probably means he’s dealing with something other than combat trauma.” ( Thorn Estragon- Performance Review 10/18)

“With a canine soulbond . . . That could mean he was manipulated. Maybe he’s never hurt a fly outside of that person’s influence.”(Thorn Estragon- The Show Must Go On (act II) 31/55)

Or maybe he trusted a higher authority and he didn’t know better.

Maybe Kale comes from a cult that decided that the rest of Ceannis and by extension the world was impure. That Kale was their saviour. A star from On High, a light of pure divinity to burn away the festering wounds of this land that all may become as paradise.

Sadly, I have a feeling it’s the former, because governments.

I think it’s mostly the latter but i can see the former being part of the decision-making process. Star Mages would be rather powerful.

I have a longer post that’s hung up in moderation because it links multiple pages, but it boils down to “Thorn thinks Kale was manipulated.” and posits who the manipulator could be, since Kale talks about “making up” for what Kudzu did.

I think that the power of Star Mages would explain why they didn’t killed him, but there must be some explanation why he’s not locked up. I mean, if there wouldn’t be reason he actually CAN earn the trust eventually, they would keep him locked until the circumstances would be bad enough to warrant letting him outside. Like, he already was using mental manipulation to cover his crimes, it would be very hard to control him …

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