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A Night To Remember 27/33

A Night To Remember 27/33 published on 16 Comments on A Night To Remember 27/33

Speaking of things to plan for: we’re about a month away from Leif & Thorn Strip #1000!

First thing I want to do is a Celebratory Art Showcase. Draw some fanart in honor of the milestone — it can be your favorite characters from the strip, it can be your own OCs slapping them on the back and saying congratulations, anything you like — and send it in. (sailorptah at gmail dot com, or PM me a link using Deviantart/Twitter/Instagram/whatever!)

Anyone who’s insecure about their art skills: don’t let that stop you. This isn’t a talent contest or a critique session. The only thing that matters is that you like the comic and want to celebrate it.

Second plan is a Favorite Character Contest. Thus the super-long new poll under the comment section of these strips.

Check as many favorite characters as you want, and hit “vote”! I’ll close the poll when Strip #1000 is posted, and draw some cool stuff based on the winners. (And then, obviously, we repeat the whole process when strip #2000 comes around, and start making graphs.)

Thorn: Do you . . . know what the government’s plans for you are?

Kale: I won’t kill anyone for them, if that’s what you mean . . .

I could do disaster response. Or healing. Or . . . lots of things. . . . but, um, I don’t think anyone trusts me enough to start planning anything too specific yet.

Woman in Black: Am I going to have to intercept him again before the bracelets finally come off?

Acai: You know I can’t do micro-level planning that far in the future. I didn’t know you would have to intercept him today until all the probabilities lined up last week.

WiB: I wish it was memorable when I interfere with these things. Then I could have stories about my own interference to use as a blueprint.

Acai: Trust me, you don’t. The lack of blueprint is what leaves you the wiggle room to avoid a timeline-shredding paradox.

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WiB appears to haz a flavor.

It’s all that salt.

I thought herbivores were the ones known for craving that mineral?

On a slightly more serious note: Kale is NOT going to be a new murdersquad unto himself, if he has any say. Good.

Yeah, and MKULTRA was started to try and keep the Soviets from doing anything bad, how’d that turn out.

I give it about one good long term crisis before Kudzu’s handlers decide he needs to get to killing again.

Counterpoint: as it stands, Kale is not willing to kill. What exactly do they have to hold over his head to convince him? Back to incarceration? A third set of bangles? Kill Niamh?

If they can just ‘change his mind’, why not use the tech/spells to make him Ceannic!Leif right out of the gate?

I see. If no one can remember you, then time-altering becomes more flexible because your interference doesn’t create a butterfly effect in witness’ actions.

Due to her not-remembering is not 100%, they WILL create a butterfly effect compared to unchanged past … but the difference to CHANGED past (which you are trying to recreate) is manageable. Normally, the worst which can happen is being caught on camera: that means you need to move in EXACTLY same way. Without cameras, any difference in how you move probably wouldn’t be remembered, but you need to say same stuff almost word-by-word to not risk change. With the spell for not being remembered, you only need to match the general “I met with this person too many times, while this one only few times”.

Huh, when I came to the page, the poll looked like it had already been submitted and I had to click “Change Vote” to vote? I’m positive that I didn’t already vote in it (and the choices that had been voted for weren’t ones I would have chosen)… Weird.

It should be checking your browser cookies to see if you’ve voted before, and nothing else. Are you on a shared computer? That also means you should be able to get in your own votes by using another device, like a phone or a library computer.

(it would be easy for people to use this to cheat and vote twice, but I’m putting you all on the honor system.)

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