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A Night To Remember 28/33

A Night To Remember 28/33 published on 18 Comments on A Night To Remember 28/33

Thorn (thinking): He’s not resisting at all, here. If I didn’t believe this, I could take him out pretty quick. And . . . it fits with everything I know about him. It checks out. I could hold him here for confirmation . . . but that doesn’t feel necessary.

I could . . .


Thorn (thinking): I could get in a lot of trouble right now.

Thorn: If I let you up, do you promise to make no sudden moves?

Kale: Uh-huh.

Thanks. And can you please find my eyes? I dropped them somewhere, and without them it’s all hallucinations.

Thorn: Oh! Sure.

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No, you confirm. This is not what you trust people on.

Pretty sure he has to let Kale up anyway. More specifically, My spread is
70% that his telecrystal is still in the kitchen as he’s NOT counterintelligence and wasn’t expecting a “I know about your artificial eyes” to spiral into a full blown confession from Kale that would require him to call up his chain of command.

20% if he telecrystal’d up his chain of command, he’d get “Sir Thorn Estragon, This is a direct order from Commander Germanium Sureau. Report to HQ immediately so we can properly read you in on the relevant national secrets. Bring Kale. His handler wants to check up with him and will meet him in the lobby.”

5%: Above, but with more swearing after Thorn disconnects as Kale’s Handler was hoping Kale and Thorn would organically develop a bond that they could exploit to double-check Kale’s stability and/or use as leverage on kale without Thorn knowing.

You’re missing a 5% there.

Knowing the boss’ usual style I know I’m thinking in the minority with Kudzu. Still, I can’t believe that this guy’s somehow so “Oh-woe-is-him”. Until we get his full backstory from a separate reliable source, Thorn shouldn’t trust word-one out of his mouth.

Yeah, I figured.
Let’s say that remaining 5% is for something WILDLY unexpected like Future!Thorn opening the door with an Uncloaked!WiB, Future!Holly and Future!Ivy behind him.
Future Thorn: “Now, pay attention. This is where things start getting weird.”

I think that you underestimate the reasons for swearing. There will DEFINITELY be swearing after Thorn disconnects and possibly even before that. One reason for swearing is as you said that they expected they will bond more before Thorn finding out. Another would be if they DONT know they met and would actually prefer if they wouldn’t.

But I also agree that he’s unlikely to have the crystal close enough, so unless he can activate the call just by voice command …

… and, on the other hand, his reaction to sudden move notwithstanding, as long as the brackets are on, Kale isn’t dangerous.

I respectfully disagree.
Either Kale is here under official auspices or the system is totally broken.
They are actually just acquaintances, perhaps becoming friends, eventually, but unless there is some threat to deal with or action that needs to be taken, I can’t see how or why Thorn would check this (it is unlikely that Thorn’s particular superiors would know about Kale anyway – “Witness protection” is likely at least a different dept from Embassy protection.)
Kale has already given a worst case update anyway.
~Yeah, I’m a mass murderer, I hallucinate, and I’m your next door neighbor. But the government thinks I’m safe as long as I wear these bracelets.~
That was “need to know” info in itself, and if the gov thought Thorn needed to know it, or more, he would have been briefed already.

On the other hand, it might behoove Thorn to mention his unusual neighbor to his boss at their next face-to-face, just to get another opinion…

“(…“Witness protection” is likely at least a different dept from Embassy protection.)”

You’re 100% right, there.

I get the feeling that Kale is currently or will soon be wrapped up in whatever the Fire Spirit’s Prophecy from Homecoming is. All we know about the prophecy is-
1: Thorn’s Team has to be the lead on Ceannis’ portion of Sønheim’s Embassy Security. So Sayeth the Fire Spirits.
2: WiB was present at Thorn’s Performance Review.
3: Ebony Muscade is willing to interpret the prophecy as ‘Breakdowns in the short-term for a Long-term Best Possible Ending.’
4: WiB has now interfered with Kale twice. once steering him away from Leif and Thorn, and once to stop Thorn from releasing Kale from the Bangles early.

WIB was just leading a lost Kale back to his handler. She happened to be on the scene, but wasn’t doing it as part of some long term plan. She just wanted to help a little lost Kale get back home.

Except she was also positioned to fudge the recording/transmitting spell in Leif’s ring.

also: Thank you for the mental image of young!Kale/Kudzu in overalls with an all-day lollipop sniffling in the town square because he lost sight of his Handler, but Aunty WiB’s found him.

Okay, this is now painfully awkward to watch, and OH NO HE BRUSHED HIS NECK AND HE’S OBVIOUSLY SENSITIVE THERE and now he’s lost his eyes, oh God I’m dying now

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