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A Night To Remember 29/33

A Night To Remember 29/33 published on 11 Comments on A Night To Remember 29/33

Thorn: Do you, uh, want me to wash those or anything?

Kale: No — as long as I rinse out the sockets later, they’ll be fine. It’s all scar tissue. There’s nothing left in there to hurt.

So . . . I should probably go now, huh.

Thorn: Yeah . . . you probably should.

I mean, I still have to get up for work in the morning.

Listen, after everything you did? I’m sure there are people who never want to see or hear from you again. No matter what the backstory is. And I don’t blame them, either. But I’m not one of them. You can still be in the trust-earning phase with me.

Also, since none of those people are friends of mine . . . you’re not uninvited from my Kolpovision watching party.

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1: I’m not sure I’d be so trusting in a cat-bearing home. Then again, if they ended up in the pan, Thorn likely would have washed them as a matter of course.

2: Now I’m curious. Has Kale lost field of vision since he can no longer move the physical object translating Light into Sight, or is his FoV wider because the gems are tuned to give him the ‘typical’ field of view all at once without movement?

2. I would guess neither. He technically has access to the wider field of vision, but his attention still focuses on points. This guess is based on my own experience, with having a particularly wide field of vision. I can open myself up to noticing movement anywhere in my field of vision, but to do that I have to not focus on anything. Even if I keep my eyes pointed at one thing while I’m paying attention to something not directly in front of me, that thing is all I really properly see. I’m sure that my eyes are registering the information all of the time, but my brain just can’t really process it like that.

Even with normal field of vision, eyes are giving much more information than brain can process. Over half of all optical illusions are caused by specific optimizations supposed to retain the important parts of information given by eyes – including, but not limited to, movement and edge detection. So I’m not surprised. Specific limits of these gems depends on how they are constructed, but the processing limit would be more likely caused by brain, and, well, with the hallucinations, I wouldn’t exactly expect those would be better than average …

I really appreciate you addressing the fact that a person should take care for their social circle as well when getting to know someone whose done what Kale has. It’s a lucky thing noone in Thorn’s social circle would be so violently opposed to know Kale after finding out he’s Kudzu, but I’m also glad Thorn’s thinking about them. This is just. A super good page.

Thorn is just a cinnamon bun. I love how he has a realistic worldview, analyzes situations quickly, makes his own decisions based on logic and how a person is NOW, but is also being sensibly cautious. Go Thorn! Also, Kale, pet your doggo! That will help as you process All of the Feels and Confusing Thoughts.

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