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A Night To Remember 30/33

A Night To Remember 30/33 published on 10 Comments on A Night To Remember 30/33

Thorn: Good night — should I still call you Kale?

Kale: You better, yeah. Kale Romarin might even be my legal name at this point. ‘Night, Thorn.



Kale (thinking): I’m so stupid. Could be worse, though, right…? At least this one’s not married.

Thorn: Did you get all that?? Kudzu lives in my building and I am pretty sure he thinks I’m hot.

Tiernan: We’ve known that part for three storylines now.

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People with really low self-esteem or a stronger than average fear of rejection often fall for someone who is married or taken or otherwise unavailable (i.e., cis woman who always falls for gay guys, etc.) I’ve been so moved and impressed buy the way Kale is written. Portrayal of his depression and lack of self-love has been perfectly spot-on.

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