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A Night To Remember 31/33

A Night To Remember 31/33 published on 9 Comments on A Night To Remember 31/33

Thorn: I’m sure I’ll get a call from Kale’s handler about this . . . but man, it would be nice if I could talk to someone I know.

I talked to Sir Gerri about the Secret Order of Monster Hunters — but that’s still a fellow knightly order. This isn’t. She might not know.

It’s way too classified for my civilian sister. The only government work she does is geology-related.

My therapist might know — Kale gets treated at the same practice — but by a different doctor . . .

I think I’m out of luck, Tiernan. You might be the only confidante I can safely have about this thing.

Tiernan (thinking): I call that being in luck.

Thorn (thinking): I know who I want to talk with . . . but he definitely doesn’t have clearance.

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Could you imagine the field day Leif’s superiors would have if they intercepted Thorn talking to Leif about Kale/Kudzu. That would be some prime propaganda material right there, letting mass murders walk relatively freely amongst the populace.

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