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A Night To Remember 9/33

A Night To Remember 9/33 published on 9 Comments on A Night To Remember 9/33

Thorn: I have hot water and a bunch of different blends. Help yourself. So here’s everything that I remember.

You used to be a magical boy. Now you have magic-blocking bracelets. Which you asked me to cut off, temporarily. I thought I said no — and it worked out.

But I’m vague on the details. And I also think there was a secret agent on-scene with memory-blocking powers.

If those two things are related, then I’m very glad I didn’t cut your bracelets. Whoever’s decision that was.

Kale: You don’t waste any time bringing the tea, do you.

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So what do we think? Is Thorn building an immunity to WiB’s wipes, or is his theory about memory wiping agents just because of what Geranium told him before?

I’m willing to be it’s him piecing it together. He’s got gaps in time, and they match up with Kale being around. He’s probably recognizing the common thread by now.

I love the double meaning in “bringing the tea” here. Black Twitter slang strikes again.

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