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A Shiny New Direction

A Shiny New Direction published on 8 Comments on A Shiny New Direction

…okay, yes, this is the April 1 strip. But I will be using the rest of this week to collect the various Gem AU comics that have built up over the past year.

It’s time for a change around here, so . . . starting today, Leif & Thorn is becoming a full-time Steven Universe fancomic!

Leif is a Pearl, because of course. Thorn is a Sapphire, with a crack in his gem that keeps an arm from manifesting properly.

Leif: Is it supposed to do that?
Thorn: No, but I’ll live.

And there’s a whole ensemble, mostly Quartzes, for the knights, guards, and so on.

Backstories and relationships will stay as close to the original as possible, but some things will just have to be Gem-ified. The kid characters won’t be kids anymore, and the trans/intersex ones will just be rocks like all the other rocks, no biological sex or human-style gender.

You get the idea. Stick around — more details will be revealed as we go!

. . . except for details about the Gem In Black, obviously.

WiB: I’m a Snowflake Obsidian.

For instance: what kind of Gem is she? The world may never know.

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Poor narrator seems pretty weak to the memory spells going on with the Gem in Black

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