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AI of the Storm 1/38

AI of the Storm 1/38 published on 8 Comments on AI of the Storm 1/38

…so, okay, technically we are launching “an AI storyline.”

Been a hot minute since we’ve seen these characters in the main comic. We learned that a certain magical girl was punching tsunamis all the way back in 2019 (!!) — let’s circle back and see those powers in action.

National Center for Weather Control.


Weather staffer 1: Hurricane Ciara due to make landfall in half an hour.

Evacuation phase four is complete . . . Levees are shored up . . . and the support from Ceannis has been deployed.

Weather staffer 2: I don’t see that on the satellite view?

Weather staffer 1: No . . . She’s a little short for that.

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I don’t recognize that language font offhand, is it one we haven’t seen before or am I just failing to remember one of the lesser-used ones?

I might have used it in Kolpovision! But in general, it’s a new one, not one readers are supposed to recognize.

Was it one of Pas’s as-yet-unidentified? I tried to find that comic to check, but I couldn’t.

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