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AI of the Storm 25/38

AI of the Storm 25/38 published on 12 Comments on AI of the Storm 25/38

New bonus on Patreon: putting some Leif & Thorn art through a super-weird color visualization tool.

Weird waveform

Announcer: As Hurricane Findlay bears down on Coastview, we spoke to some people who haven’t evacuated . . .

My old mother has magic-resistant inflammation! She can’t be going on the road without fancy special care! How are we supposed to pay for fancy special care?

I’m out of paid time off at work! I can’t afford to lose hours!

The free shelter won’t let you bring critters. I’m not leaving my dog.

Cedar: Oh no, the poor doggo! . . . And poor people too, I guess!

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I’m flashing to being on a biologic for arthritis and not traveling for a decade because I didn’t know the pens are ok for a week at room temp. Not the same as being in a condition where I’d need to be medically transported to leave in a evacuation.

There are a lot of people who don’t understand what their real medical restrictions are. Some of them, like my late grandmother, think they can still do basically everything. I tend to go the other way on this stuff. I have a medical advocate for a friend who tends to set me straight before I have time to even fail to act due to thinking I’m medically restricted, but without her, I could easily see myself thinking that my medical condition prevented me from evacuating. (It does not. Also, hurricanes don’t survive as hurricanes coming here. We did get one that managed to hit as as a cat 2 tropical storm, but that was a record setting storm.)

I really like the pedestrian designs. The partial paterns are really pretty!
I found it people were 12% more likely to evacuate them selves, and 17% more likely to evacuate animals if they were given $53 then those that werent

“The best adaptation is to be rich,” Kenny told me. “Take the same size earthquake or cyclone or hurricane, and the number of people who die is considerably smaller in richer countries and even richer neighborhoods of countries.”

Can you explain it to EU leaders, who thinks the best strategy is to ensure EU population is poor? Granted, car pollution WILL get lower if most people wouldn’t be able to afford cars … but at the same time, not having car would make much harder for them to evacuate.

It is a sad truth that I would have the exact same response as Cedar regarding the doggo. “Oh no! The poor little puppers is caught in the disaster! … And so are its people. Yeah.” 😅

Same. My guess is it might have something to do with subconsciously expecting a human to figure out a solution, but a pet is dependent. We don’t expect cats and dogs to make evacuation decisions, or even understand that there is danger, so it feels more tragic because the animal is more innocent? It feels bad but it is normal.

To that person who can’t afford to lose hours: Do you know how many hours you lose if you get hit by hurricane?

Yeah… I’d be more worried if a business was expecting its people to work DESPITE an evacuation order.

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