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AI of the Storm 27/38

AI of the Storm 27/38 published on 5 Comments on AI of the Storm 27/38

Names of Cedar’s stylists, revealed!

In keeping with Ceannic naming conventions, Altissimo and Cadenza are both named after fancy cultivated rose varieties — which, in turn, are named after musical terms. It’s prettiness all the way down.

Cedar: Aaaand styled!

Just need to put my glasses back on . . .

Altissimo: Contacts, starchild.

Cedar: But, Altissimo, I like wearing glasses better . . .

Altissimo: The fans want to look into your sparkling eyes!

Cedar: But —

Cadenza: No, kid. The polls were very clear.

Cedar: Okay, Cadenza.

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That is the problem with polls … they can be rigged really easily.
For this you only need a glamour shot of his face with makeup and without glasses and then another of him just relaxing without makeup and a comfortable set of glasses.

If he wants to wear glasses, and his managers were willing to allow it, the poll should have been to ask which type of glasses would look best on him. With a little tab to add suggestions.

Also, sometimes the difference is just people preferring how the star they like looked when they first became a fan. *Sometimes* the polling method even really shows this, as they’re comparing an obviously younger photograph with an obviously older photograph.

I’m blanking on who it was that I’d seen this being apparent at first. But I do recall it was a TV star who first entered the spot light when she was in the second or third grade. As I was a teenager of about the same age, I definitely preferred her with her glasses, because they happened as … other developments were happening.

Most of her fans apparently had a different opinion, which confused me for years. But eventually, I came across something that actually showed the pictures that were used for that polling. Both of the pictures were just head shots, not even including her shoulders. One of the pictures was from her first show. I’d previously only seen her after she had moved to her second show. In the younger picture, she had freckles and her hair was in pigtails, in the older picture she had minimal makeup to hide acne and her hair was straight. The question didn’t ask about freckles, makeup, acne, or hair, just about glasses, even though all of those other variables were also in play.

“Starchild”? Really? What next, you’re gonna tell him his aura is affected by corrective eyewear?

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