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AI of the Storm 29/38

AI of the Storm 29/38 published on 4 Comments on AI of the Storm 29/38

A Coastview hotel.

Coco: What are you talking about, you sent all your water mages home?!

Weather Control: The drones today demonstrated that they can replace our mages. Unless your girl threw the test?

Coco: Boo, my girl’s incredible efforts are not the same as a field test! You do one of those before you fire all your safety nets!

Control: Look, Ms. Cannelle, you might have endless funding in Ceannis, but Homu has a limited budget. If we can save money by replacing human staffers with a nice cheap AI? We have to.

Coco: “Cheap”? This project has eaten up hundreds of millions in development funds. We even know where RDS got those from?

Control: Why should we care, as long as it isn’t from us?

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Oh. Oh wow. I thought RDS would be the big “problem” of this story but we got some real winners working at weather control, don’t we?

So, all the eggs are in the sketchy AI basket with no safety net because “funding”. Plus, the money behind our sketchy AI basket is of itself sketchy.

It might as well be pennant day for all the red flags going up. *munches on popcorn waiting for the next show to drop*

Control, you care, because the funding came from someone who pulled it from someone who pulled it from someone who pulled it from you, except at each step of the way, people took their own cuts of the money. Also, you care because while they swiped the money from you, they called that money a loan, and you’re going to have to pay it “back” to one of the people in that chain.

In short, if this system works, it’s not going to end up cheaper than the “hire a wunderkind” version.

No, the funding is unlikely to came from weather control – they probably don’t even HAVE that kind of money. It was probably from government, but from someone else budget.

… that second part about it being loan they find out they need to pay “back” later may be true, though.

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