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AI of the Storm 30/38

AI of the Storm 30/38 published on 13 Comments on AI of the Storm 30/38

Coco: Of all the irresponsible, cheap —

Ivy: Coco?

Coco: Ivy! How come you’re not asleep?

Ivy: A season premiere drops at 3 in the morning, local time.

Is the Coastview defense job canceled? Am I — fired?

Coco: Girl, no. You are part of an aid package sent by Ceannis. Your services are paid for.

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I’m enjoying this story line and seeing more of Ivy. I do have to say, I like Ivy as a character, however, her trying to look Sohenic does make me cringe. It feels kind of like appropriation more than appreciation.

Foxy, I appreciate and respect what I think you’re trying to do, but I’m not sure I agree with you. The only thing she REALLY does to make herself look Sonhenic is dye her hair, even if she does also sprinkle in bits of the language into her personal life in largely appropriate ways. But she watches their shows, knows and is interested in the culture, and isn’t trying to use elements of their culture that haven’t been shared. And that’s important.

Me, I’m a black American who majored in Japanese language and literature in college because I like Japanese culture and anime. I have kimono-inspired outfits that I bought in American stores; enjoy ramen, castella cake, and mochi; and would refer to geta and shamisen by their names because I know what those names are.

Appropriation is not “being too excited about another culture.” It’s more complicated and nuanced than that. And it’s far more prevalent in western society because we have a very toxic culture, especially in America. White rappers aren’t appropriative because they rap. They’re appropriative because what is exciting on them gets black men killed. Owning Native American-styled rugs and jewelry isn’t appropriative when you buy them from Natives-it’s appropriative when big companies steal those designs to mass produce and sell them for a fraction of their worth, making it impossible for Natives to get a fair price for their work. Having “a spirit animal” isn’t appropriative because liking and identifying with certain animals is bad-it’s appropriative because it is an element from a closed faith, or a faith where outsiders are NOT welcome to join, that has been taken wholly out of context.

It’s no more appropriative for Ivy to be excited about Sonhenic culture the way she is than it would be for a Swedish person to be excited about German sweets.

I think the question of “spirit animal” is actually more complicated. Assume, for the sake of argument, that shamanism “works” – that is, allows to direct spirits or spiritual energies into the physical world for the purpose of healing, divination, or to aid human beings in some other way. Would research of this be cultural appropriation? Is it cultural appropriation when someone else than Jews is using magic in But I’m a Cat Person? Would you insist that people of European descent lost right to use magic because they forgot their own pagan traditions? Would you, for even more extreme example, deny the Pythagorean theorem to people lacking Greek descendants, or not belonging to the secret society of Pythagoreans (yes, Pythagoreans were very closed group)?

I think the context part is the important one. That neoshamanism is appropriative because Mircea Eliade and Carlos Castaneda weren’t motivated by sharing the faith or by research, and cherry-picked just the most interesting (for them) elements of those faiths. And that those were then commercialized.

Dude, c’mon, this is an awfully long and nitpicky comment to leave when you’re just gonna work around to saying that you agree! (And has gotten way off-topic from the comic again, too…)

Well … yes, but it’s not longer or more offtopic than Dirks … is it?

Length on its own is not a problem! The important difference is between “I disagree with your main point, here’s a long response that explains why, relating IRL situations to the events of the comic” and “I agree with your main point, but here’s a long responds that finds something to argue with anyway, none of which relates back to the comic at all.”

Sometimes it’s even worse when I wrote the disagree part and forget to mention that I agree with the rest. I’m trying to get better but seems it will be long way … the point I’m making always looks much shorter before I actually write it down.

I respect your perspective and opinion. I still disagree. It’s the fact that she dyes her hair specifically to look like people of another ethnic/racial group. To explain my perspective, that would be like an anime fan dying their hair dark in order to look more Japanese, that’s why it feels off to me. Ivy isn’t just using things she appreciates from Sohenic culture, she’s changing her appearance to look like she’s part of that culture. Even if it’s a slight change it’s a potentially problematic one.

This is in no way a criticism of your writing by the way Erin, her behavior is very “on brand” for a kid her age. Teens often do cringy things. It just lends some perspective to what might be part of why Holly gets annoyed with Ivy because Ivy’s a bit obelsessive to say the least.

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