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AI of the Storm 32/38

AI of the Storm 32/38 published on 10 Comments on AI of the Storm 32/38

New behind-the-scenes post on Patreon: sneak peek at the sketch stage of a bonus comic!

Sketch post(The next Off-Shoots page wasn’t quite ready for Wednesday, so I’ll post it Thursday evening. Here’s something else to tide you over in the meantime.)

Coco: Look. Babe. Don’t worry about it, okay? You just go out there tomorrow and do your best. It’ll probably be fine.

. . . and if it’s not, do not blame yourself, you hear?

Ivy: Sure, Coco! I got it.

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Ivy, that’s exactly the opposite of what Coco said!

I’m not certain, but I don’t think world-breaking level magical powers come from having the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, let alone the serenity to accept the things you can change.

That said, if they *can* be gotten that way, I really need to get on that program, because this whole worrying about every little thing is rough.

Are you saying YOU ever stopped worrying just because someone told you to stop? What about “calm down”, does someone shouting “calm down” usually calm you? Is the knowledge that stress makes practically evey health problem worse make you stress less?

In other words, yeah she’s still worrying, as expected, most people would do and telling them not to have zero or negative effect.

Yes, but i’m autistic so my brain works wrong.

I’ve also stopped being angry because someone has asked me to calm down, which is also abnormal functionality for humans

I disagree that your brain works wrong. Your brain works DIFFERENTLY from “neurotypical” brains. But we as a society NEED folks that think differently.

🙂 this, and also being told to calm down is, like, 99% of the time, incredibly condescending. anger is a rational response (even if you don’t manage to express it constructively). *especially* when the reason it’s happening is because you have valid concerns about safety that Mr Calm Down is blithely ignoring.

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