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AI of the Storm 33/38

AI of the Storm 33/38 published on 6 Comments on AI of the Storm 33/38

New Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots storyline! Supporters get a sunny-day bonus arc with Violet, Rowan, and the Neineikura headmates:

Ivy: . . . and that’s what Coco said, but I still have a super bad feeling about this! Am I wrong?

Ebony: Ivy, you should trust your instincts — but also, trust that there are people whose whole job is to work on this, okay? Just focus on your part, and let them handle theirs.

Get some sleep now, okay? You have a big day tomorrow!

Gentian: Love you!

. . . Okay, Ebony, how bad is this really?

Ebony: Worst case scenario? Our daughter is really going to need that sleep.

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