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AI of the Storm 5/38

AI of the Storm 5/38 published on 10 Comments on AI of the Storm 5/38

Net commenters: I JUST GOT LAUNCHED INTO THE ATMOSPHERE OH MY STARS / the look on their faces afterwards!!! oh my stars I think my heart sprouted wings and flew off / HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WORK WITH THIS STUPID GRIN ON MY FACE

Ivy: eeeeEEEEE!!

Commenters, continued: did they seriously do that? are these caps what I think they are?? am I seeing this with my own eyes??? / …THEY DID THAT

Coco: Ivy! Babe. Real talk. I know that is not your remote learning sesh, not when I can hear you having this much fun.

Ivy: I’m doing important social enrichment, Mom.

Coco: Girl, I am maybe ten years older than you, do not even.

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c’mon Ivy, Coco is giving you tips on how to not get caught, don’t whine.

Holly has been trying to get Ivy to “be quiet” for practically their entire lives. I don’t think Ivy can be contained.

((please understand, I mean that positively. Unrestrained joy is a rare thing in this world. ))

She is the definitive example why we need to protect trans kids.

God. I’m imagining Ivy in an unsupportive environment and. Yikes. Best case scenario for her, she explodes out of the other-imposed closet in a rainbow tsunami (possibly near-literally). Worst case scenario for her, she gets crushed into a little ball of misery.

I don’t think Ivy is trans …

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