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AI of the Storm 6/38

AI of the Storm 6/38 published on 12 Comments on AI of the Storm 6/38

Coco: Not like you’re missing any cultural enrichment, with us still on the train . . . Look, did you eat yet?

Ivy: Uh-huh!

Coco: Clean the dining car?

Ivy: Yep.

Coco: Take your estrogen?

Ivy: Yeah!

Coco: Cool. Then, screw it — I’m your manager, and magic supervisor, not your professor.

You got shows to catch up with, and they make you happy? Love that for you.

Ivy: It’s not just watching the shows, Coco! It’s being in the fandom!

People in my generation make friends on the net!

Coco: Again. Babe. I am not that old.

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Huh, she’s AMAB?

To the extent it was feasible, I think she was not assigned anything at birth.

As reviewed in the comments section yesterday, her parents saved the gender reveal party until after Ivy self-identified as a girl.

That was not the gender they expected, and they knew they needed to contact an endocrinologist, but they did make a point of not assigning a gender and letting her choose for herself. Even not having a gender (which is how one of her parents identifies) was an option.

Nailed it.

(This is where we run up against the limits of “AMAB”/”AFAB” as terms, because there are some real-world situations, and a whole lot of fictional ones, where the whole concept doesn’t apply! Good thing “yeah, Ivy’s trans” still works.)

I love mentors that realize they don’t have to be their charges’ parents, and that kids need to have fun.

Way too many adults forget that it’s okay for kids to relax, slack off, and have fun.

Not just children. Sure, it’s more important for them and they need it more often, but even adults need to relax, slack off and have fun sometimes.

Yes, even the ones who claim they don’t. That’s why workaholism is considered diagnosis.

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