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All Green Thumbs 1/13

All Green Thumbs 1/13 published on 13 Comments on All Green Thumbs 1/13

Eyyyy, it’s a Baby Leif storyline!

Depending on the latitude, Darkest Winter days in Sønheim can be as long as 6 hours, or as short as nonexistent. Guess which end of the spectrum Rocky Rapids is at.

Content warnings: nothing graphic onscreen, but this is about Leif adjusting to the realities of life as an indentured servant, including the compromised-consent sexual situations.

Rocky Rapids Guest Lodge — Black Peak district, Sønheim.

Season: Darkest Winter.

Ingrid: Welcome to your new home.

My name is Ingrid Vuorela. You can address me as “Manager Ingrid” or “Ma’am.” I’ll be your supervisor for the next two years — with an option to renew.

I have a special history in helping people like you adjust to their . . . new circumstances. Your turn. introduce yourself.

. . . Ten-ish years ago.

Leif: My name is Leif, ma’am. Leif P–

Ingrid: Stop! Rookie mistake. Forget the surname. For now, you’re “Leif of Rocky Rapids.”

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So am I the only one concerned that there’s a reason this storyline is being written now? Usually backstories are presented when they are about to become relevant…

JUST ten-ish years ago? I though he was much younger when they started to reprogram him …

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