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All Green Thumbs 2/13

All Green Thumbs 2/13 published on 10 Comments on All Green Thumbs 2/13

Ingrid: Well, Leif, I see you don’t have much practical experience. Put off to finish school, I suppose? And your debt is from —

Oh. Inherited.

Definitely don’t tell people your old surname. So you’re in this for life, then.

Well, this is the best kind of place to own you first. We have a wide variety of tasks. If you have a special skill that’ll give you an advantage, we can find it.

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“*your* old surname”
AHHH so people would recognize it? what’d his family do????

Going theories are:
1: Leaders of a revolutionary cell. Parents escaped, Lief didn’t.

2: Parents triggered a famous avalanche by accident, destroying a vampire’s favorite feeding grounds town, giving Leif his complex about following every rule to the letter and how small wrongnesses can snowball,if you’ll pardon the pun.

3. Parents were prolific gamblers, and Leif is saddled with just one-third of their debt.

I’m putting my chips on #1, personally, because Leif’s complex seems to be specifically “I am a PATRIOTIC and LAW-ABIDING PERSON who WOULD NOT DO A TREASON”.

I don’t think parents escaped. I think they died. Not sure if like didn’t survived capture or if they were executed.

My bet’s on they’re still alive in some form. Leif’s debt is an “ongoing expense”, which I’m interpreting as getting LARGER, not ‘gaining interest’.

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