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All Green Thumbs 6/13

All Green Thumbs 6/13 published on 8 Comments on All Green Thumbs 6/13

Staffer: You can help carry extra food for other servers. They’ll do the talking — you just listen.

Working in teams will also be a great opportunity to practice your hand signals!


Leif: Um, Manager . . . are customers allowed to — I mean, can they touch me on the — uh —

Ingrid: Not for free, they can’t.

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Considering there’s a good chance he’s also a minor at this point in time? Think you might have company this time, Flyboy.

At the very least Leif isn’t a minor, here.
“If you’re a kid, they don’t kick you out and throw you straight into servitude. They’re not monsters. But people knew what happened.”

That said, I may just take Flyboy up on that offer provided he’s using hollow point rounds if the customer refuses the 100x “You fondled the goods without asking” markup on the table’s entire check, payable exclusively by THAT patron, either exclusively in Ceanska hundredth-crowns before departing the premises, or entering servitude at Rocky Rapids Lodge.

Let’s see the system work in favor of the Servant for once, eh? Just a small flipping glimmer of ‘okay, it’s normally awful, but this does put a smile on my face.’

I will confirm he’s 18 in this strip, although that’s a US legal distinction, not a general moral one…it’s not like a switch gets flipped on your 18th birthday that turns “unwanted groping” from an ugly violation into a mild annoyance you can shrug off.

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