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Alternate Universe Valentines

Alternate Universe Valentines published on 7 Comments on Alternate Universe Valentines

One elementary-school “valentine with a silly pun” for the Leif/Thorn in every universe.

– You’re the purr-fect Valentine!
– Valentine, you’re the most magical person I know!
– Nobody makes my heart race like you!
– I’m putting you On Notice…for being too cute!
– Valentine, you’re out of this world!
– Valentine, you’re sweeter than sugar!
– For you, I’m going to get smitten!
– You be my King, and I’ll be your castle / No, you be my Queen, and I’ll be your moat

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So cute! I like the Magical AU and Space AU lnes the best, i think.

On the one hand, i’m thrilled to see Vampire Hunter Thorn AU content again.

On another, the AU That’s Got Religion Card poses the idea of Big Sister and Little Sister teaming up to deny Dómari’s attempt to smite Leif for breaking his vows. “He’s promised to one of Our chosen, now.”

I don’t recognize the bottom right one, but it’s really hot (also why does Lief look like Sparrow in that suit)

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