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Always A Bigger Fishbowl 4/17

Always A Bigger Fishbowl 4/17 published on 9 Comments on Always A Bigger Fishbowl 4/17

Russ: Look, I wore them out for the night, okay? I didn’t let them get into the good coffee. So tell me what the big news is.

Laurel: Fine. The “project” has been relocated to the National Aquarium.

Russ: The project.

Laurel: Yes.

Russ: The project I said should be done out in the middle of nowhere.

Laurel: The same.

Russ: Going to a building in the middle of downtown Central.

Laurel: Indeed.

Russ: I have concerns!

Laurel: Shhh! You’ll wake the spies.

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That Aquarium Security Guard is going to be having a whole lot of excitement coming up soon.

With any luck, they’ re at least not days before retirement…

Although, retiring to M’s world could be a good thing. Since they use children for magical law enforcement, their magical law enforcement doesn’t really get a proper opportunity for corruption before they’re age-retired.

Surely a spy would never successfully fool people about being asleep.

I guess we hope Russ only hired _incompetent_ spies. 😀

Spies willing to do grad student work for grad student salaries must be very dedicated, or very much lacking in better options 😅

And they can’t even use it on their resumé, because they’re under cover identities!

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