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An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 14/14

An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 14/14 published on 6 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 14/14

Katya (signing): Elisa . . . try to be more tactful. Even if the foreigner wanted to buy Leif, he almost certainly can’t.

Elisa (signing): What?

Katya (signing): Leif’s debt isn’t like yours. It’s not going to be fully paid off in a year or two. It’s for an ongoing expense — and a big one. The knight obviously has money . . . especially since I’m sure the bosses are charging him twice our market rental fee . . . . . . but anyone with that much in their savings would retire.

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“It’s for an ongoing expense — and a big one.”

Leif’s Parents are Bad People and still a Drain on The Nation?

I guess…. if a person is incarcerated, the FAMILY pays the expense of keeping them alive and jailed? Even of said family is a toddler? And the in incarceration is for life?

Now, wouldn’t it just FIT, if his parents were BAD PEOPLE for something like, ohh…. being a threat to the Superior Life of the Superior People by having campaigned for “social reform”, let’s say? And Leif, forever stigamtizing them as BAD PEOPLE, because they CARED!

A-yup, that’d fit the general “feel” I’m getting. (It would have the added benefit of getting said toddler in an environment of “re-education”, so as to prevent the parents “disease” from carrying to the next generation, too.)

I think it would be more tragic if Leif’s Parents were bad people because they did something unambiguously Not Good , and Leif is punished for the sins of the father, and 2: terrified of going against what is “right and proper” because it starts with a small wrongness… like expressing dissatisfaction and inevitably you’ll find yourself in the gutter gnawing on a toddler’s thighbone.

Wondering it has anything to do with those vampires we saw in an early chapter…if that is why they zeroed in on Leif so fast…maybe he has something in his blood that makes him valuable and therefore a keeper..

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