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An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 3/14

An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 3/14 published on 5 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 3/14

Thorn: Wait, Larch, did you not want to use the weights?

Larch: Me? Nah.

The people waiting noticed the heartsword scar, and it made ’em all too nervous to talk to you. I said I’d handle it! They think I’m real cool now.

Thorn: . . . Oh.

Larch: Anyway, I’m off to wrestle! You coming?

Thorn: No thanks. I’ll just hit the showers.

. . . so were they trying to respect me, or just scared of me? Maybe I should only exercise at the military gym.

Tiernan (thinking): Why go out at all? We have a perfectly good laser pointer right here at home.

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With Thorn’s reaction to the reactions to his scar I am kind of curious – what exactly IS public opinion on Heartsword Users? Is it similar to what people think of military (some people are super supportive, others are nervous/awkward, others don’t like the idea, others are neutral/respectful) or is there an entirely different situation going on with that?

To be fair, having a heartsword is like constantly having a gun on your belt, except there’s no way to take it off.

It’s like having a gun arm.

Some people are naturally going to be nervous around somebody with a gun arm, especially if they don’t KNOW that person.

I’m sure that heartswords aren’t ONLY for the military, either–for one thing, you can’t exactly prevent somebody from taking it with them when they leave the service, and I doubt the military is the only place you could learn how to draw one if you’re capable of it.

So, yeah, you could be the nicest person on the planet but if I notice a gun built into your arm I’m naturally going to be a little nervous.

… Okay, so this world has lasers. Presumably they weren’t developed just for laser pointer purposes. Do they have optical data storage, laser communications, laser-guided targeting for some manner of weapons or autonomous devices? Are lasers used for industrial purposes, to laser-cut things? Why has it not occurred to anyone that directed energy like that could be a weapon? I get the impression that crystal technology provides more than enough energy to heat things remotely for explosives disposal or just straight use the things as a weapon.

Crystal technology makes sense coupled with laser communications. But note that you don’t POWER the laser with crystals (at least not in our world) and laser-based weapons require lot of energy.

Also: laser pointer is useful for targeting AS-IS, if you have gun you can tape it on. Less useful if taped on a sword, but it would be worth it on crossbow.

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