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An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 6/14

An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 6/14 published on 5 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 6/14

Leif: Sorry about the delay, Manager Ludolf! I want to look nice for the job tomorrow.

Ludolf: That isn’t even the job. It’s the preliminary shopping.

Leif: Yes, sir.

Ludolf: You can spend whatever is the typical amount for appropriate clothing. Be thorough, but not frivolous.

If we find a thousand-mark designer suit on your receipts, there will be trouble.

Leif: Yes, sir.

Ludolf: Your account is linked from this beryl. It includes a 34-mark budget for incidentals.

Leif: Why 34, sir?

Ludolf: Because we got a nice round number when we added that to the knight’s bill.

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