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An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 17/64

An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 17/64 published on 5 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 17/64

Thorn: Wait here, okay? It will change when he sees that his mother likes me, I think.

Haha, that’s it! See, Caelan? We’re Mom’s friends. Nothing to worry about.

Okay, Leif! Come over, slowly.

Leif: Coming, sir!

Thorn: — Hey!

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My immediate thought was the magic on Leif, too. For one sensitive to it, he must “REEK” of it. And, who knows? Maybe there’s something in his binding spells or other spells that just MIGHT, under certain circumstances, cause harm to Thorn. Without willful choice on the part of Leif, of course!

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