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An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 18/64

An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 18/64 published on 10 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 18/64

Thorn: Caoimhe! What are you doing?

Leif: I-if you were planning to have me gored you should have said so up front because it would have cost extra!!

(Said way too fast for Thorn to understand. Not that he’s paying attention.)

Thorn: I get why Caelan’s shy, but you’re the adult! You know better than to be scared for no reason, so why . . . Unless . . .


Thorn (thinking): Unless he really is “not pure enough.” Unicorns aren’t really sensitive to whether you’ve had sex, but . . .

Leif (thinking): . . . but it’s true that they can be sensitive to . . . other things.

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confused…not sure that was meant to be an obvious implication of something specific, or if all will soon be clear…

The vampire bite.

Either the vampire bite or the mind-control magic. I’m guessing the latter. Will Leif be forced to choose between his country and unicorns?

Pretty sure it’s the Bite. Otherwise Sønska-raised Unicorns are more chill about the mind-control magics.

ah, hit post too soon. the Sønska Embassy Unicorns don’t react to the mind-control magic, as Leif would have known about that otherwise… the bite is less clear. perhaps that’s a known issue, too, but his supervisor didn’t know he’d be visiting a Unicorn Paddock?

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