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An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 20/64

An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 20/64 published on 4 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 20/64

Thorn (thinking): Oh, paper brochures! Good for anyone who doesn’t bring their own spelltech. And I don’t think Leif did.

Thorn: I’ll take one in Ceanska and one in Sønska, so I can learn your words for the fish . . .

Rock pigeon
Rock pigeon

Green betta
Green betta


Thorn: I guess most of them don’t live in both countries, so we each have to borrow the other’s names.

Leif: Yes!

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If nothing else, it helps him learn more mundane words like “Pigeon”, “Green”, and “Skate”. Granted, he probably knows them already – but considering his awkward grammar in the past, he needs all the help he can get.

Am I the only one troubled to see the rock pigeon is one magical mutation away from a Terror bird?

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