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An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 21/64

An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 21/64 published on 2 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 21/64

Thorn: Oh! I should ask — do you want to learn too? Do you want a Ceanska brochure?

Leif (thinking): Ohhh, gosh, what do I say.

Leif: O-okay!

Leif (thinking): That’s the polite answer, right? But how did he get the idea that I might want to learn Ceanska?

It’s such a weird language. It sounds like you’re talking with a mouth full of syrup. And Sønska is so much richer . . . more poetic . . . Isn’t that why Thån wants to get better at it?

Even now, with his strong accent . . . everything he says manages to sound nice.

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