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An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 55/64

An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 55/64 published on 8 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 55/64

Thorn: I have . . . I don’t know what it’s called in Sønska. When you have a dangerous time, your brain changes to be ready for the danger, yes?

And, after . . . it does not always change all the way back. My danger had a fire.

A lot of people — colleagues of me — they were burned. So, at the restaurant, when I had the smell of the meat . . . I forgot that it was just moose, you see? My brain felt like I had to be ready for a dragon.

Leif: There aren’t any dragons around here . . . are there?

Thorn: No, no. And since I killed the last one within a thousand miles, I ought to know.

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Ooooh, I really like that way of describing PTSD! So succinct and distilled.

Also, I laughed for a good ten seconds at “and since I killed the last [dragon] within a thousand miles, I should know.” It’s such an excellent punchline without taking away from the overall seriousness of today’s comic.

Had to have this exact conversation (minus the dragons) with a Hungarian colleague just yesterday and reading this chapter back has made for some fun compare and contrast. Definitely an accurate representation of talking Really Specific mental health stuff across a vocabulary gap

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