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An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 9/64

An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 9/64 published on 13 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Storyline 9/64

Leif: I hope I didn’t give you the wrong idea by defending Sir Thån! I don’t have any kind of special bias towards him. And of course I understand why you have to be safe, no matter what. I just want you to know —

Ludolf: Leif. It’s okay that you like him.

It doesn’t threaten anything. It doesn’t change where you belong. We both know that.

Now go clean up and have some fun with your job.

Leif: Thank you, sir!

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*Red flags waving, warning bells ringing, klaxons screaming*

oh? just because they have brainwashed a nice young man, to the point that he thinks liking someone foreign is something to hide, and is told that it’s fine, because they both know it won’t matter in the end – sort of that “schoolgirl lesbian” trope that you see in anime, where the relationship is some how not real For Reasons – and so Leif should do his best to have fun prostituting himself, to which Leif merrily skips off to do. Just because of that, you are worried?


Hey now, Leif’s been shock-collared, not mind-wiped. Don’t be too quick to absolve him of responsibility for his nationalist views…

He isn’t totally absolved in my opinion…I just think he is a young man who very much believes Sonheim propaganda. And has probably convinced himself that his circumstances aren’t that bad because it helps keeps him sane and fighting back might not do anything.

I’ve got a different take on this. You’re completely forgetting he’s been raised in this system since birth, ditto the man who applied the geas to him. While it seems weird and inhuman to us, the elder likely looks as it is part of his job to ensure the moral of his serfs – no one wants restive servants, so to ensure their happiness inside their servitude *IS* in the Embassy’s best interest. Furthermore Leif likely was raised with the idea that his nation was the best in the world- certainly the Soviets thought that, many Americans think that, and don’t get me started on EU member nations.
The point I’m getting at? It’s not as strange to Leif and Ludolf as 8t is to us.
But that’s just one anthropologist ‘ s veiw.

To add to your comment: I’m sure Propaganda is all over the place, just like the US during World War One until roughly now. Not only that, Leif seems to be an idealist and probably grew up just as lower class as he is now…so he might believe that he isn’t meant to be anything more than what he is now. He is happy with it because he is happy to serve Sonheim in any capacity.

true. Though, I sort of want to point out “how someone was raised” and “brainwashed” is often a very narrow separation. They aren’t always the same, but they are also almost indistinguishable on many occasions. Look at the way Daesh is raising the kids they are getting their hands on, or the way the Spanish Court was raised in the mid-14th century. Heck, the royal superiority complex we’ve had for centuries can be called “brainwashing” in the service of egotism and classism. You are quite right to compare it to the way the US acted during WW1 (along with every other country in that conflict)…the propaganda was thick enough to choke on…but they did that to affect the minds of citizens, to inspire greater ferocity and loyalty. And you had an entire generation of kids for whom “kraut” was the highest slur, and german kids got beaten by non-germans for having some cultural heritage. The “propaganda” became “how they were raised.” Something similar happened in WW2, against Japanese, and Asians in general. Racism is a taught behavior, and a kid internalizes that sort of attitude very quickly. Leif is a…culturalist? He was raised to believe in his culture’s superiority, and it’s been so thoroughly ingrained that it’s an unquestionable fact. It is how he was raised, but he was raised in a way that makes me label it as brainwashing.

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