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Arranged Royal Marriage AU #3

Arranged Royal Marriage AU #3 published on 4 Comments on Arranged Royal Marriage AU #3

Welp, haven’t checked on this particular AU for 3 years now. But I had an idea for a Thing to Happen Next, so we’re diving back in.

Bonus feature: a serious push for “how much background work can I fast-track with the Clip Studio materials catalog?” (I’ve been uploading my own Leif & Thorn/BICP backgrounds and patterns to the database, too — check them out.)

In a land of tiny fiefdoms, Prince Thorn takes his guest Foreign Servant Leif for a walk in the royal gardens . . .

Thorn: . . . so I set up a room with all the public books. Any of my subjects can visit and borrow them!

I’m sorry, this work talk must be very boring . . .

Leif: It’s not, it’s really not! You have very complicated problems, so I don’t always follow all the details . . .

But it’s fun to hear you work out smart ways to solve them! And kind ways. It’s . . . satisfying, how they’re always kind.

Also, I . . .

Thorn: Yeah?

Leif: No matter what the topic is, I just like listening to your voice . . .

Ragnild: HEY!

I never gave my husband permission to get fresh with my servant! Come on, Leif.

Leif: I’m sure I finished all my work for you, Princess Ragnild.

Ragnild: If I gotta get you more, I will.

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Leif and Ragnild’s final lines are not colored as Sønska in the transcript.

Now, is Princess Ragnild just being discompassionate, or is she jealous/envious?

There are probably discussions we did not see, but Thorn and Ragnild had a discussion about non-monogamy, and Ragnild did not seem enthusiastically on board with the idea.

It seems uncharacteristically thoughtless for Thorn to be flirting with someone behind his fiance’s back without her explicit buy-in (he did expect HER to let him know if there is someone she wants to date), to say nothing of the fact that the object of his affection is her servant!

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