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Arranged Royal Marriage AU #5

Arranged Royal Marriage AU #5 published on 8 Comments on Arranged Royal Marriage AU #5

Prince Thorn is a little less fluid with his Sønska than Main Continuity Thorn has gotten by now.

Some of the other knights are also royals in this AU, but Senna and Kokum aren’t major enough to get elaborate AU backgrounds, so they’re just staying knights.

Kokum: Sword is sharp and ready for dragonslaying, Prince Thorn.

Thorn: Good, Sir Kokum.

Senna: Two unicorns have been saddled and loaded up for travel.

Thorn: Thanks, Sir Senna.

Leif: How much time do I have? When do we leave?

Thorn: “We”, sir L– uh, Leif?

This is a dangerous mission. Dragons kidnapping princesses are serious business. Also, if we lose everyone from your land, that will really backfire the reason of diplomatic marriage.

Leif: I can hide in safety with the bags while the rest of you charge in . . .

Thorn: There’s no “us.” I’m going alone.

Leif: Wh– Why??

Thorn: Listen, there are rules to this stuff. One dragon has to be challenged by one brave knight and/or prince. I know you haven’t read them, but it’s in all our stories!

Leif: W-well — Do the stories say the prince has to wash his own laundry and cook his own meals on the way?

Thorn: Um . . . I guess that could be a looping hole, huh.

Leif: . . . I thought maybe we would get one unicorn each.

Thorn: The stories don’t mention extra unicorns, and I don’t want to play any chances.

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… Why are there rules for this stuff? Were they discovered by trial and error, or is it just how it’s always been done?

Prince Thorn is probably relying entirely on storytelling tropes, rather than any sort of actual rule.

Then again, maybe there really are mystical protections…

So this setting works on Changeling: The Lost logic?


I mainly play a Cahalith Werewolf at my Chronicles of Darkness table, and only like, two players really grok how each and every character archetype works.

My knowledge of Changeling Logic is restricted to “Don’t hit my friends with iron, Don’t Mention The War Durance, and you’re an asshole if you explode a bird around the Changeling who has a Ban(or whatever the term is for when a Changeling has an irresistible compulsion) for collecting dropped feathers.”

On their end, they’ve learned “Don’t stab Khyrin with silver, it’s SO MUCH WORSE than iron.”

When we were researching the Hunter fanbook information, we found that the “Wyrd” concept plays a very big role in Changeling. Basically, if you model yourself as a “valiant knight”, the Wyrd benefits you in that aspect. Of course, there’s also a lot of legalese and loophole abuse, as a good fairy story is won’t to do. Of course, that can bite said changeling in the ass as well.

I have it on relatively good authority that this is the way it’s almost never done, but it always gets reported this way.

How dragon slaying really works:

Someone gathers enough people to slay a dragon, and they all go to where the dragon is. The organizer waits while the dragon kills and eats everybody else. After the dragon is sufficiently satiated, the remaining gathered person slays the dragon.

The organizer then kills all of the other survivors, so nobody will be able to point out how it actually happened. The organizer then goes and tells people all about how they single-handedly killed the dragon.

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