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Arranged Royal Marriage AU #6

Arranged Royal Marriage AU #6 published on 2 Comments on Arranged Royal Marriage AU #6

Hey, remember the Arranged Royal Marriage AU? We’re doing that again. Checking in with Leif and Thorn on the road, so they can make out in front of a campfire.

Thorn: Good ride today, Caoimhe! You rode true, you carried us far . . . You even drank when I led you to water.

Leif: I was “Good” too, right, Prince Thorn?

Thorn: If that soup is half so good as it smell — yes!

Leif: Finish the whole bowl! We reach the dragon’s lair tomorrow — you’ll need all your strength.

Thorn: I know, I know.

Leif: Are you sure you want to rescue the princess alone? I can be a lookout, maybe? Or set traps? I don’t know how traps work, but I can learn!

Thorn: No. Thank you, Leif, but no. The rules are clear.

Leif: Well . . . can I give you a morale boost before you go?

Thorn: Maybe. What did you have in mind?

Leif: Well, there’s this time-tested Sønska healing method . . .

It’s called “mouth-to-mouth.”

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