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Arranged Royal Marriage AU #9

Arranged Royal Marriage AU #9 published on 5 Comments on Arranged Royal Marriage AU #9

Leif: Princess Ragnild, would it be easier in Rosedale if you had more company? Your sister, maybe?

Ragnild: Uh . . . about that . . .

Leif: Princess Iona!

Iona: I’m already here.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Prince Thorn. Excuse my not rising to greet you.

Thorn: The pleasure is all mine! You speak my language very well. Did you learn in order to visit?

Dragon Dex: You think this girl’s family would have let her visit? It is adorable what a little optimist you are.

Ragnild: Our parents keep trying “cures” to make Iona’s legs bigger. And they’re all scams!

Iona: After the last one . . . I decided I’d rather take my chances with the dragons.

Thorn: I can’t believe the world is this bad for princesses! How did both of our countries fail so bad?!

At least it’s only the two of you!

. . . It’s only the two of you, right?

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At first I wondered how exactly Iona managed to appear at the dragon’s lair without her kingdom noticing, but then I remembered that this particular dragon is an alternate version of our beloved D10. They probably have a dozen ways to sneak into castles despite their scaled bulk.

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