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Bonus Sketchbook: The Twist

Bonus Sketchbook: The Twist published on 6 Comments on Bonus Sketchbook: The Twist

Cracking the vault on a bonus art prompt from Volume 2: Sword Lilies!

Rowan and Violet, enjoying an episode of Magical Crime Law Investigation Squad together. (Head showrunner Archie Stavros won’t be introduced until the next book! Rowan has no idea what he’s in for.)

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Rowan: Is this supposed to be wrong as a plot point, or do the writers just not understand how auras work??

Violet: Doesn’t matter, it’s just killing time to misdirect us until they reveal the plumber did it.

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This is the second time Rowan has said “that’s not how aura’s work” (the other time to “cute bar guy”)
I now have a burning need for a “Holly explains a thing with cosplay” about aura’s.

Hope this comment doesn’t get eaten.

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